Praxxis Group was created in 2001, bringing a number of existing consulting practices together under one unifying brand.  We operate with a network of specialists who are accessible via our expertise brokerage.

Our Service

Praxxis Group is a network of specialists who combine forces on a project to provide you with cutting edge and cost effective solutions.

We cover the full range of organisational and business consultancy services, but our overall focus is on optimising organisational performance.

All of our specialists are also available for individual research and/or consulting projects in their own ares of expertise.


Our Attitude

All members of Praxxis Group are consummate professionals who have successfully combined industry-based practicality with academic excellence. In other words, we are VERY serious about quality and customer service.

At the same time we believe that life should be fun and we are certainly trying to make the most of it. This dual attitude is our real trademark - all of our products and services are designed with that in mind.